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10 Software Developer Conferences To Attend For A Career Change

Conferences are becoming big places for change in most jurisdictions. They serve as places or events for motivation, innovation, and networking for most people. They are the centers where new friends and new business connections are made. In the software development world for instance, there are a lot of conferences to keep you on your toes including knowing whatever is happening and the new technologies that are being launched. This will help you make a decision as to where to move to in your tech career.

Conferences also provide opportunities for many, especially those newbies in the software development world to get real-time insights from the gurus and big players in the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the conferences to attend for a change in career in the tech industry.

The Defrag/Blur/Glue

Developers who create SDKs for apps on brain controls, emerging and newly created programming language creators and pioneers, leading APIs experts, experts on cloud automation and application development are some of the experts you will meet at this conference. It is held in Colorad, near the Boulder, that’s somehow far from the Silicon Valley echo chamber.

google_io_blogGoogle I/O

The Google I/O is increasingly become one of the most attended and important tech-based conferences in the world. It’s a place where you will undoubtedly meet a lot of gizmos. It’s held every year.

The O’Reilly Strata

It is a conference that is organized by O’Reilly every year. It is one of the successful data-based conferences around. It focuses on the effective use of data to successfully run businesses.



This is one of the events that gathers developers from all walks of life for a developer’s conference. It is a great place to meet the leaders and pioneers in the industry as well as the newbies. It is also a great place for the young developers who would like to have a career shift to network and find new connections.

TechCrunch Disrupt

When we talk about tech conferences, then you probably know of TechCrunch by now. This is a conference that is attended by many developers, big time CEOs from developers-oriented companies and start-ups as well as programmers. When you want to get improve upon your software development career but does not know how, then TechCrunch might be a conference that can help you out.

Monktoberfest/Monki Gras

These are two events of the same character that are put together by RedMonk analyst groups. The Monktoberfest is held in Poland and a ground described as a place where social meets tech. The Monki Gras is a ground where craft tech meets craft beer.


This is a conference where the big players and pioneers in cloud computing share ideas and network for a more cloud-based infrastructure and future.


Though this is a new conference that is still gaining grounds, you won’t find a conference that explores the current Platform as a Service (PaaS) market as Deploycon.


This is a St. Louis Conference that explores alternative database, emerging programming languages, distributed systems, currency, the web, and mobile development. It is a great place to be as a developer.


This is a conference that is rising and might become one photoof the most popular and attended consumer-based tech conferences on the globe. The likes of Amazon service works and cloud-based gurus meet and discuss current issues at this conference.

Uplifting your software development career is not just about knowing coding, but also making friends and connections in the development world. Get out there and make a difference.

Hey there! Software are a revolution in our present world that have literally changed our lives from nothing into something that is quiet helpful for us. Rather our most of the work on laptops and PCs is software based i.e. if we are using calculator then we are using a software or an app or if we are using some kind of notes utility then again we are using some software or even when you are surfing the internet, we are doing it by using a software.

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