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The Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2016

As technology increases in terms of innovation, so do jobs in the tech industry increase in salaries. For most of us, we aren’t convinced about work in a tech environment yet. However, if you want to work in a tech company take a look at some of the insane perks and employee benefits from some of the big players from the tech industry.


It is not easy to maintain a delicate and controversial seat as done by google for some years now. It is still on top of one of the best tech companies to work for now and in the future. It is not that google is at the top for nothing. For a company that provides free meals and equally give employees the freedom to choose from a range of dishes right from Indian food to African, what more do you expect? It will surely be on top. There is a concierge that help employees to run errands and there is also a chance for employees to take a siesta in a nap pod during midday.

Employees can bring their dogs to work, hosts some free tech talks and fitness classes, and when an employee passes away, the spouse takes 50% of the deceased’s salary for good 10 years.


Access to a range of free apples as they require and discounts on the purchase of apple products, access to bear bashes, and concerts are what apple pride itself with when it comes to the best tech company to work for. Employees equally have access to wellness centers, tuition help, donation matching etc.


This is a Silicon Valley start-up and it has been known for its unique 5-brand-overview1services all geared towards making employees feel at home. Asana provides its employees special treatments including organic home-cookings meals prepared two times a day, Uber perks per month, life coaching sessions, customized workstations, as well as onsite yoga tutorials.


Facebook is one of the best tech companies to work for. As an employee, you get to enjoy excellent unique treatments including free meals, $4,000 in baby cash for maternity and paternity leave for 4 months, professional improvement and development classes that are run internally. Facebook has all the enjoyments you would ever want.


At Twitter, I know you have a lot 140 characters of benefits to tweet about as an employee. You have access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, reimbursements for gym memberships, with a good reason, you get unlimited time off, onsite acupuncture, a wine/coffee/beer bar, a rooftop deck, and a meditation class all at your disposal.


At Netflix, employees are awed by the excellent and unique full year payment for both maternity and paternity leave. Don’t worry, if you are not a parent, you are equally treated special. It is one of the first tech netflix-3-1500x1000giants to have introduced a flexible vacation policy where employees are free to make a choice as to where, when, and how long to go on vacation. This doesn’t affect your job performance, so don’t worry.

Other tech giants that are known to offer the best of treatment for their employees include Twilio, Salesforce, Adobe, and Spotify.

These are some of the companies in the tech world that offer their employees the best of services and treatment ever.

Hey there! Software are a revolution in our present world that have literally changed our lives from nothing into something that is quiet helpful for us. Rather our most of the work on laptops and PCs is software based i.e. if we are using calculator then we are using a software or an app or if we are using some kind of notes utility then again we are using some software or even when you are surfing the internet, we are doing it by using a software.

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