Why you have chosen this subject, ‘the world’s biggest and the best-selling software developing countries’, as your area to write for?

Software Engineering was the choice of studies I had chosen for myself as a career and my belongingness to the same area has a lot of to do with the scope of this site. I liked to have control over the PC since my childhood. In other words, I wanted things to go my way or as my per my desire, so I kept on going through thing to customize them according to my needs. This developed my interest in computer related stuff. For example, I would want that my calculator would have a color scheme of my choice and that was not possible in a lot of calculators back then and the only possibility was to develop one app yourself that will have the same scheme that I want, back then. Secondly, I was a lot into hacking stuff that could let me modify things at backend by downloading some crack or cracking it on my. Anyways, after my college was completed I was sure that computer is going to be the field that I will want to join for my graduation.

What is your opinion about the term, software?

Software is basically not a revolutionary term but also has bought a lot revolution in our present world that have literally changed our lives from nothing into something that is quiet helpful for us. Rather our most of the work on laptops and PCs is software based i.e. if we are using calculator then we are using a software or an app or if we time_management_software_full_14177545are using some kind of notes utility then again we are using some software or even when you are surfing the internet, we are doing it by using a software. Now there are a lot of companies developing software for us apparently the ones that we need and are in demand, it might be the case that some organization is in need of some software related to their organization or for the working of their organization then they are going to throw an offer for a software company and as soon as they accept it their software will get in development stage and will be available after it is being developed.

What can we find about software in your site?

For this site, there will be a lot of information about software and their uses. In either case that they are already developed or running in the market or the ones that are under development. As well as all the companies those are developing software with the ones that are topping the industry. Are they cost effective choice or not will also be analyzed. Secondly, the information about the organization regarding the number of software they have developed and the place they are standing in the industry, the kind of software they develop, what kind of engineers and developers are working there or are required there. This also opens a lot options for you guys to find the right organization for you to work on. You can decide about the different job opportunities available by this way or get a motivation to step in this field with the things you can do, and so on.