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A Sneak Peak At Some Of The Best Paying Unicorn Companies For Developers

When it comes to better pay and other bonuses, employees of tech companies, especially developers have a range of choices to make. In recent years, there has been a battle in the salary that is paid to unicorn developers as to who is paying how much to. Let’s take a look at what it is in unicorn for developers in terms of salary.


The median yearly based salary for developers at dropbox is $144,573. Though it is still a unicorn start-up for now, this cloud-based storage company is rumoured to be looking for an initial public offering. The company offers its developers good salaries, no wonder it is one of the best cloud-oriented service providers around. Well, with a $10.35 billion valuation and a  $600 million banked as well as support from prominent investors like Blackrock Ventures, there’s no doubt this company is financially putting value on its developers.


jawbone_watermarkThe median annual salary at jawbone is $141,224. Jawbone is one of the best fitness companies that specialise in wearable for fitness activities and has a valuation of $3 billion and a total of $726 in the bank. It produces fitness wearable including step and sleep trackers.


Cloudera is a big data company that is run on the Hadoop platform that offers business big data solutions from free versions to paid ones. At cloudera, annual median salary stands at $139,217. It is a start-up with over a billion dollar in standing including a $740 million funding and a general valuation of $1.25 billion.


This Silicon Valley start-up is known for its excellent customer management services and Saas that it provides to financial, retail, and hospitality services to business. In funding, it boasts of $255 million and has a valuation of $1.25 billion.



In August, this cloud security start-up at Silicon raised up to $100 that was to help build its entire technological capacity. At ZScaler, annual median base salary is at $133,071. In cash alone, it has about $138 million and other tips to unicorn status at about $1.1 billion in total value.


Though this global vacation rental company has somehow brought a consternation among many San Francisco voters, it is still a nice place to collect a pay check if you are planning a career in the developer world. With an annual median base salary of $131,612, over $25 billion in value, live-there_tokyo_elliott_artist-loft_20160222_0153_compand $2.3 billing in funding to today, this company is really a hot cake for most developers.


This global rideshare giant is bent on winning the entire china and has been one of the mythical start-up creatures around with over $51 billion in valuations and $8.21 billion banked, it is a company where you can build your life as a developer. Annual base salary stands around $130,000.


This company has been used by many real estate companies and brokers to sign their documents on the spot. About $400 million out of the total $508 million funding is raised by this company. It has a median annual pay of $129,453.


When it comes to the analysis of app performance, give it to AppDynamics. It is worth $1 billion and a banked amount of $207. It also has a yearly base salary of $128,905.


In this insecure world, we all know how Security Identity Management start-ups are hot. Well this company has an annual base salary of $127,931 for its developers and definitely one of the best places to be as a developer.

There are equally a good number of Silicon Valley start-ups that offer developers huge sums. If you want to kick-start your developer career, you might consider making some research around the area to find out what suites you best before leaping inside.

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