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A Sneak Peak At Some Of The Best Tech Jobs For The Future: 2020 And Beyond

If you are planning to develop your career in tech, then you would probably be searching for the greatest jobs that are in demand now and will be in the future as well. Knowing the kind of jobs that will boom in the future will help you plan very well and meet your desired career goals. We have assembled a few list of the best jobs that are in demand now and in the future and you should take your time and look through.

Mobile applications development

Mobile applications development, undoubtedly, is among the fastest occupations in terms of growth. Just as tablets and smartphones have become part of our daily communications and are changing the way we do things, so does a profession that lets you design the apps that run on these platform give you a head start in the tech industry. Day in day out, there are a lot of mobile app development jobs that are springing up and is time to get your skills intact to grab some. Having the skill to design android or iOS apps will give you a head start now and in the future in the tech industry.

Database Administrator

A huge amount of information is being documented and accumulated by businesses every day. This means that they need some to do this documenting. As a result, there is a rise in the need for certified DBAs to ensure that there is professionalism in the storing, organizing, and database-administrator-job-descriptionanalysing of data. As more database systems are connected to the cloud, data security has also become robust, and so for database administrators with a knowledge in security systems also have an upper hand.

Software Engineers

As technology keeps on advancing, there will surely be a rise in software engineers. For instance, the increase in the adoption of corporate cloud and virtualization strategies will lead to the creation of an increased demand for software engineers who are capable of designing secure and robust web-based programs. As there is an increase in sophistications in data processing applications and systems, the need to continuously upgrade systems calls for more system software engineers now and in the future.


Video Game Developers and Designers

The game industry has more than quadrupled in size for over a decade now with signs of increase in the future. Above the increasing traditional gaming market, the increasing capability, processing power, and video-game-developerpopularity of mobile devices has opened a new world full of gaming opportunities that does not seem to decline at all. This calls for increase in game developers with expertise in designing for different platforms including traditional desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.

Network Administrators

Network administrators continue to increase in demand as institutions increase their investment in network and system technologies towards increasing competitive advantage and productivity. The increase in the adoption of ‘bring your own device (BYOD) policies, smartphones and tablets into the corporate environment will bring an increase in the need for network administrators to design more robust and excellent technological systems to communicate effectively between businesses and the outside world.

These are some of the many jobs that will be in demand now and in the future. If you are considering a career in the tech world, make sure that you do a proper search and find out the best prospects that will keep you in high demand no matter the time.


Hey there! Software are a revolution in our present world that have literally changed our lives from nothing into something that is quiet helpful for us. Rather our most of the work on laptops and PCs is software based i.e. if we are using calculator then we are using a software or an app or if we are using some kind of notes utility then again we are using some software or even when you are surfing the internet, we are doing it by using a software.

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